Woodland Water Feature & Garden: Dennis, MA

The existing grade and wooded backdrop provided an ideal location to install a woodland water feature. Working with the contour of the land, we were able to create a falling 20′ stream that meanders gently through worn river rocks, ultimately cascading into a collection pool below. The edges of the stream bed are planted with Ferns and Irises as well as native plants such as Clethra and Chelone. In addition to the water feature, a woodland garden highlights a selection of Rhododendron, repeat blooming Hydrangeas and Eastern Redbuds. The garden provides continuous bloom from spring to fall while serving as a transitional space between the flat ground plain of the lawn and the mature stand of trees beyond.

“We really are VERY pleased with all you’ve done. Absolutely outstanding. We hope you are as pleased with the result. It looks great from every room in the house, especially the upstairs guest rooms. You pulled off the look just as we discussed. It just flows down from the background woods like it was always there. Very natural.” 

-Jan & Bob Kervick