Walkway Garden – Centerville, MA

The existing brick walkway had become overgrown with a Euonymus hedge. The path of circulation was altered to provide a view into the back yard while leading toward a patio and side entrance. Moving the walk over also allowed for the inclusion of a more developed foundation planting. A community of plants were selected to […]

Terraced Ponds – Harwich Port, MA

The design of this water feature centered around bringing the feature up close to an existing outdoor living space while taking advantage of a gentle slope leading away from the patio. A series of three ponds are connected by two small falls that gently cascade into the pond below. The edges of the water feature […]

Newport Flower Show

The Newport Flower Show is a wonderful annual event that draws large crowds and a number of talented designers and landscapers each year. ¬†We were tasked with creating a design surrounding a cat boat that was positioned in front of Rosecliff that was meant to evoke the spirit and character of the coastal communities that […]

Woodland Water Feature & Garden – Dennis, MA

The existing grade and wooded backdrop provided an ideal location to install a woodland water feature. Working with the contour of the land, we were able to create a falling 20′ stream that meanders gently through worn river rocks, ultimately cascading into a collection pool below. The edges of the stream bed are planted with […]

Nantucket Sound Landscape – Osterville, MA

The key to the design of this Osterville landscape was to enhance the truly unique character that the lot possesses. Running 600′ from the home to the Sound, the lot is long and narrow, running no more than 80′ from side to side. Therefore, it was critical to open up and maintain the view from […]

Cottage Garden – Osterville, MA

The concept behind the cottage garden centered around maximizing the amount of space that was available, focusing on a garden that would provide an impressive seasonal display. Grade challenges on the site were addressed through the incorporation of a Pennsylvania Bluestone wall and set of stairs that served to retain the soil within the garden […]